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To nature lovers we recommend the Sierra Bermeja mountains, a natural open space on the shores of the Mediterranean with unique species such as the Pinsapo (type of pine tree) and over 60 kilometres of hiking trails, the Parque de los Pedregales municipal park, in the foothills of the Sierra Bermeja and Selwo nature park.

Sierra Bermeja in Estepona.

In Estepona, in these beautiful surroundings, you will find the natural site of Los Reales de Sierra Bemeja, the highest peak of the massif at 1449 metres, where you will find a refuge and from the top you will be able to enjoy extraordinary views of the Mediterranean and the coast of Morocco when the wind is from Poniente (West).
This mountain retains most of the clouds and allows us to enjoy an incomparable climate all year round. Three hundred days of sunshine and temperatures that almost never drop below ten degrees.
It is also on this natural site, with a surface area of 1236 hectares, that we find a unique forest of pinsapos, a species of pine tree.
The exceptional character of this pine tree is partly due to the fact that it is a relic tree from the Tertiary era, a tree that has witnessed the great events that took place in the Mediterranean basin for more than 10 million years.

Los Pedregales Park

At 5 km from the town centre is Los Pedregales Park, with tourism infrastructures such as a rural complex, campsite, services, bar-restaurant, barbecues, fountains, children's playground, car parks, a horse resting area, dance floors, etc.. Los Pedregales Park also has within it the Corominas Dolmen Interpretation Centre.

Selwo nature park

Four kilometres from the centre of Estepona, in the direction of Marbella, Selwo Aventura is the only Theme Park of Adventures, Animals and Nature in Europe.
The Park is in the heart of the Costa del Sol, occupying an area of 100 hectares where more than 2000 animals of 200 different species from the five continents live in semi-liberty.
The orographic variety and the amplitude of the terrain allow the animals to live in an environment similar to their original habitats.
Selwo Aventura is located at kilometre 162,5 of the National Road 340, between Marbella and Estepona. The exit is perfectly signposted.

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