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Sea, beach and Sun Estepona

Estepona's coast, low and sandy, extends far over 21 kilometres with a total of 17 beaches differing in their visitor density and the activities which go on there.
They all have the necessary infrastructure to ensure complete safety far residents and visitors alike, with 12 towers manned by lifeguards; 29 services modules which include changing rooms, showers and toilets, first aid kits, and services geared towards the disabled, such as amphibious wheelchairs crutches, 45 sunbed areas; 10 sailing areas; 29 beach cafés, and 3 recreational game areas.
In the city you can find the Rada beach, of great dimension it extends from the Marina to the Carrefour Supermarket, it houses many beach bars and establishments that rent sun loungers.
Awarded the European Community Blue Flag for the quality of its facilities, it is the largest and most sought-after in Estepona.
For those who travel with children, the Beach of Cristo, which is sheltered from the Levante winds (East), with fine sand and a gentle slope, ideal.
La Galera and Bahia Dorada are more rocky, while Costa Natura offers a popular alternative for naturist enthusiasts.

Main Beaches

All along the coast there are many "Chiringuitos", the famous Spanish style restaurants on the beach, which usually rent sun loungers.
The catering is generally good but not cheap, you have to pay for the pitch, now it's still very pleasant to eat by the sea.

  • La Galera Beach (1.000 m.).
    A quiet beach, hardly built up at all, with scenery that's rarely found in this area of the Mediterranean seaboard for those looking for shade.
    Others come to the beach to set up their table and chairsand spend a full day unwinding. It's a quiet beach with a relaxed atmosphere during the week, but when the weekend comes around it's harder to find a free spot
  • Bahía Dorada (500 m.).
    Bahía Dorada is an outstanding beach because of its location and the stunning palette of colours reflected in its waters graduating from deepest green to lightest blue.
    The beach is predominantly rocky and gives an impression of wildness. Fishing, scuba diving and sailing are some of the water sports and activities in and around the sea that people engage in here
  • La Rada (3.000 m.).
    One of La Rada's great advantages is that it's just a short step from the main streets of our municipality, and therefore is very handy for visitors who want to go on to visit the town centre after being on the beach.
    A Promenade stretches the full-length of the beach - just under 3 kilometres - and all kinds of activities go on there during the summer months.
    Other typical features of the Promenade are the beach cafés, where one can try paellas; the traditional Pescaito (small, whole fried fish) and other characteristic dishes of Malaga's coast, such as Espetos de sardinas (sardines on the spit).
  • Cristo Beach.(700 m.).
    The beach forms a pretty cove and is ideal at any time of year because of the shelter from the wind which it provides.
    Just 680 metres long. It's an ideal environment for children: the water is very c1eanand is hardly ever cold, because of the natural protection.
  • Arroyo Vaquero (585 m).
    This beach is fairly spacious and quiet, with a moderate visitor density. The rocks on the sea bed draw to it underwater fishing enthusiasts.
  • Costa Natura (400 m.).
    An ideal beach far walking, jogging or engaging in any sporting activity. Nudism is accepted here.
  • Guadalobón Beach (780 m.).
    A coastal area with various housing estates and direct access to the beach.
  • La Plata Beach(2,500 m.).
    The point is long and narrow, with services on some sections and a moderate visitor density.
  • Pinillos Beach (1,290 m.)
    This beach is situated opposite the El Padrón River. It has a sailing area and sun bed/sun shade hire services.
  • El Padrón Beach (1,000 m)
    A very quiet area during the week. Part of it is wooded and one can fish for octopuses, which are abundant in the area. Also located in the area of El Padrón Beach is Laguna Village Shopping Centre which burned to the ground in the summer of 2020, reconstruction is underway.
  • El Castor Beach (3,000 m)
    This beach stretches from the River Velerin to Las Cañas Brook. The visitor density is moderate. The beach has exceptional scenery made up of sea, mountains, rivers and an abundance of vegetation.
  • El Velerín Beach (750 m)
    Verdant pine woods separate the sea from the natural landscape behind the beach, making the sands some of the quietest and most set apart in the municipality.
  • Bella Beach (500 m.)
    A long, narrow beach, with housing estates and services on some stretches. It's ideal far those who like things quiet, with a very relaxed atmosphere.
  • Guadalmansa Beach (1)70 m.)
    A rocky beach. Ideal for those who want to get away from masses of other people during the summer months, it has a quiet character,and one can take long walks there.
  • El Saladillo Beach (2,630 m.)
    This beach has good services and stretches as far as the mouth of the River Guadalmina. Dunes and pine woods, of high ecological value, separate it from the adjoining housing estates and provide areas of shade.
  • Casasola Beach (910 m.)
    These spacious and extensive sands make an excellent bathing area because of the magnificent state of the sea waters and the beautiful countryside which surrounds them.
  • La Atalaya Beach (1,070 m.)
    On this beach there are great opportunities far practising a wide variety of water sports .

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